Everything You Need To Know About Jalori Pass, Kullu

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Himachal Pradesh

Forget about the sky-touch mountains where you might get dizzy. Jalori Pass is the perfect destination for hiking lovers and nature enthusiasts with safe routes. Known for its snowy peaks and diamond-crystal rivers, Jalori Pass is the route to an endless Himalayan adventure.

Best Time To Visit Jalori Pass

The time between the months of April and November, is perfect to visit Jalori Pass. But the best weather conditions exist from Mid June to Mid October.

The Fascinating History of Jalori Pass 

Everyone knows how Himalayan is known for its high altitude and difficult route. However, this doesn’t matter in the case of Jalori Pass. This place is known for its easy-to-go route and attractive points along the way.

Jalori Pass weather is almost perfect in December to witness the coldest atmosphere of all time. During your Jalori Pass visit, you will explore many places which will give a beautifully mysterious vibe. 

Going back to the old times, Jalori Pass was built by the British to reach Kullu Valley conveniently. During their colonialism, the British planned to make Himachal like their native country. They used to train their troops and officials. This is why there is so much European influence on architecture and roadmap in this Northern place. 

Best Hotels At Jalori Pass

Following are the best hotels Jalori Pass to stay with your family and friends::


Hotels In Jalori Pass



Mirella Stays

Delicious Menu & Decent Services


Odin Hostel Shoja

Luxury Rooms & Polite Staff Services


Shringi Vatika Home Stay Jibhi

Lively Cottage & Awesome place to stay


Mudhouse Experiential Hostels

Beautiful riverside Location & Warm Vibe


Satyam Home Stay

Bonfire Recreation Activity & Friendly Staff

6 Amazing Things To Do At Jalori Pass

Now that you’ve made it clear to visit Jalori Pass in the next chapter of your trip, read this guide to enjoy your time in those breathtaking views and wonderful environment:

  1. Take a deep breath and look at the magnificent mountain peaks covered with snow surrounded by mist big clouds. Let your eyes get surprised with each turn you take in the route.
  2. Serolsar Lake (also known as Seruvalsar Lake) is the main attraction at Jalori Pass, famous for its crystal clear water. Meditate near there and feel the cozy air.
  3. Enter the cultural land of Jalori Village and reset your mind to educate yourself about their customs, traditions, language, people.
  4. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to get the sight of rare Himalayan bird species from Majestic Himalayan Monals to Endangered Western Tragopan.
  5. Trek to Chhoie Waterfall and take time to show gratitude to mother nature. Then move forward to explore the ruins of Raghupur Fort.
  6. Go to the recreational path while spending time with your family or friends at Jalori Pass. Get on active mode with them. Do trekking, running, and eat a good meal by organizing a picnic.

Important Travel Tips - Jalori Pass

We’ve got some great travel tips for you. Make sure to consider each one while having a visit to Jalori pass or any other place for vacation:

  • Heading to Jalori Pass today? Check the weather conditions there. The possibility of heavy snowstorms is always high during the cold month. Plan your clothes category for this place.
  • Due to its elevated routes, Jalori Pass can get chilly even in summers (Forget the winters!) Pack thermal wears and don;t forget to cover your head
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time during your journey. Never overeat. It's important to keep your body fit during trekking.
  • Be modest and respectful to the surroundings. The natives, the tourists, wildlife and resources. Do not create unnecessary noise. 
  • Know your limits while visiting a new place. Never break into prohibited areas. The authorities have already imposed rules on several routes and zones. Be aware of it.

By following these travel tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring the beautiful Jalori Pass and its surroundings.


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