A Guide To Gushaini: Things To Do, Timings & Travel Tips, Village in Tirthan Valley

  • Spend Time

    February-June & September-November

  • Best Time To Visit

    Any Time Except Monsoon Season

  • Timings

    8 am To 10 pm

Village in Tirthan Valley

Himachal Pradesh

Gushaini is just a destination but a wonderful experience where mountains are calling you! Gushaini Village, which is an entry point to the treks of Tirthan Valley, is known for its peaceful environment. It is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by nature lovers. Let’s know the details!

Best Time To Visit Gushaini

Any month is the best time to visit Gushaini but you must not plan your trip here during monsoon season. This is the time of heavy snowstorms and extremely low temperatures.

Gushaini - The History

The serene beauty of magnificent mountains and lush green fields are the home for anyone who loves his mother nature. This heavenly village is located in the beating heart of Tirthan Valley. Gushaini Village was once a place with meadows and natives living their simple and fulfilled life. As the time passed by, Gushaini started to gain the limelight of tourists due to its direct link to treks of himalayas and hospitable nature of local people impressed everyone. 

Best Hotels At Gushaini Village

You can find many budget-friendly hotels in Gushaini Village. Here are Top 5:


Hotels In Gushaini Village



The Tirthan Valley Wooden House

Luxurious stay & Amazing mountain view


The Hosteller Tirthan Valley

Beautiful Sightseeing & Cozy Vibe


The Whispering Woods - Tirthan

Homely Food & Breathtaking view


Sharda Resort - Tirthan Valley

Perfect Location & Comfortable Atmosphere


Echor - The Brightside Tirthan

Best Staff & Magnificent outer view

6 Amazing Things To Do At Gushaini

Let’s do some amazing thing while visiting Gushaini:

  1. Take a short trip through the old Kullu-Spiti Trade route. Visit the ruins and old buildings there to imagine the life of that time.
  2. Trek your heart out through Gushaini and share this moment with your trip partners.
  3. Gushaini Village is full of treasures of traditions. Visit their craft workshops and cafes.
  4. Witness the vibrant culture and music of local people during the festival celebration of Lavi Fair and Dussehra.
  5. Eat traditional food made by local people at Gushaini Village. Kullu Dham is a local dish prepared with Maah (Black Lentils), Madra (Chickpea), Mahni (A kind of Sour Gravy), and Meetha (Sweet Gravy) with Raita made of Dates. Don’t forget to relish this meal.
  6. Capture aesthetic photos at Gushaini by focusing on the beauty of land.
  7. Meditate in the peaceful setting of Gushaini and meet with your soul.
  8. Learn about simple ways of life by interacting with the locals of Gushaini.
  9. Explore the fields of Gushaini and look up to the sky. You will feel a different vibe.

Important Gushaini Travel Tips

After planning everything about your first trip to Gushaini, take some important travel tips in consideration:

  • Share your itinerary to your family and friends in case of emergency.
  • Be alert in the crowd. There are many incidents of robbing tourists at these places.
  • Respect your mother nature. While travelling to Gushaini or any other tourist spot, ensure the safety of wildlife and plant species.
  • Communicate with locals and learn their traditions. Buy souvenirs from them and eat a simple meal at their small cafes.
  • Let your children play in the wild. But be concerned about their safety.
  • A well-planned trip will make you feel at rest while going into rush will lead to unnecessary stress to cover everything in limited time. This way you won’t be able to enjoy any moment. So make that you visit each place with patience.
  • Pack your essentials in hand with you always in care of any unwanted situation. 

Now you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Gushaini.


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