Kasauli Brewery, Kasauli,

Kasauli Brewery is considered to be the oldest operating distillery in Asia, Kasauli Brewery is the world's highest distillery, located in the outskirts of Kasauli town. The distillery and brewery were established in 1820's by Edward Dyer. This location was chosen due to the fine spring water and climatic conditions, similar to Scotland. Brewing and distilling equipment of England and Scotland that included copper pot stills, which were used then, are utilised even today.

Later on, after the town of Kasauli was established and began using much of the springwater, the brewery was dismantled and moved to nearby Solan where it still operates today. However, the distillery remains at Kasauli and is the oldest operating distillery in Asia and one of the oldest whisky making distilleries in continuous operation anywhere in the world. Earlier, the main whisky brand made by Kasauli Distillery was well reckoned single malt namely 'Solan No.1', which was named after the nearby Solan town. Over a century, Solan No.1 was considered to be one of the best selling Indian whiskies but in recent years, it started declining and struggling against various competitors that offer flavoured rums. At present, Old Monk Rum is the not only the famous liquor brand of Mohan Meakin but also known for other brands like Colonel's Special, Diplomat Deluxe, Summer Hall, Black Knight and Solan No. 1.

It remains open from 7 am to 7 pm every day.

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