National War Memorial, Delhi

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    12 Months

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    09:00 am to 07:30 pm



What Actually National War Memorial Represent?

A National War Memorial is built for whom who died or injured in a conflict. It allows visitors to form a conscious connection with the place, the institution and the person in whose memory the assembly is constructed.
The memorial seeks a legit profound and meaningful experience & act as a source of inspiration of the future generations.
The post-independence era there are 26000 more soldiers made a supreme sacrifice to defend India jurisdiction and uptightness. So, to give the special Respect to those soldiers National War Memorial is built.
The memorial will help to spur the citizen about the sense of belonging, responsibility towards Nation, Sacrifice and national Pride.
It will be the clear witness to our soldiers who fought for our country during various dispute, United Nation Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief since Independence. It exhibits the unity and strength of Indian Armed Forces as a bright, self-sacrificing star of India.

Concept of National War Memorial

The memorial complex gives the compliment to the layout and the symmetry of the majestic Rajpath and Central Vista.
The complex decorum is maintained with so much of earnestness with the landscaping view, and simple form of architecture. Besides that, area there is an another exclusive area that is only for the soldiers who won the ‘Param Vir Chakkr’, the biggest Bravery award.
The place signifies the supreme sacrifice that is made by our soldier during their duty, so their soul always remains everlasting.

Basic Information of National War Memorial

When was Built

25 Feb 2019

Who is the founder

Government of India

4 Facts about National War Memorial

  1. The National War Memorial has different center, like Raksha Chakra the trees standing in the Raksha Chakra is an assurance to the people that whatever happen Indian army is always standing to protect us.
  2. Tyag Chakkra, has a different meaning, it means the soldiers who gave up their life for the country, formation also known as chakravyuh.
  3. Circle of Bravery, a gallery that is covered with big murals crafted in bronze indicating various battle action of our armed forces, also known as Veerta Chakra.
  4. Circle of Immortality, this is the monument with eternal flame, the flame showcases the immortality of the soldier that nation will never forget, and remains in our heart long.

Things to know about National War Memorial

  • Trees are used to landscape the Rakshak Chakra.
  • Inscribed granite tablets adorn the Tyag Chakra.
  • Veerta Chakra is adorned with six bronze murals.
  • The Obelisk and the Eternal Flame adorn the Amar Chakra.
  • A lone statue of an ever-vigilant soldier.
  • The Param Yodha Sthal is made up of 21 busts of Param Vir Chakra awardees.

Things to do at National War Memorial

  1. This is solemn place, please be dignified and respectful.
  2. Walk on the appointed path Only
  3. Keep mobile Phones in silent or vibrating mode
  4. Place the flower on the base of Tyag chakra walls.
  5. Maintain the integrity at Amar chakra, while entering at Param Yodha Chakkar.
  6. Hold the hand of your children.

Things not to do at National War Memorial

  1. Do not make any kind of weird noises.
  2. Do not smoke, drink and tobacco is prohibited.
  3. Not touch any Murals or any antic body with your bare hand.
  4. Not burn any Candles and Diyas.
  5. Do not carry any food and beverage.
  6. Do not use any GOPro or tripod stand.
  7. Not to stick any kind of papers and advertisement into the wall.

Closed, Open, Timings & Fee Information

  • Open Daily
  • Entry Restrict on Certain Days & Timing
    November to March 9 am to 7.30 pm
    April to October

    9.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Activities you can do around at National War Memorial 


Visiting Places


Open/Closed  Day



Boating at India Gate

2 Pm to 9 Pm

  All Week

Rs 50 for 15 min ride

Rs 100 For 30 Min Ride


Children Park at India Gate

10:00 am to 8:00 pm

All week except closed on Sunday’s

   No Entry Free  


Light Show at India Gate

7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

All weeks and weekends

No Entry Free


National Gallery of Modern Art

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

All week except closed on Monday

Free for Students

Normal Person Rs 20 – Rs 500


National Museum of National History

12:00 am to 8:00 pm

All week except closed on Monday

No Charges


These National War Memorials are significant because they serve as historical markers. They connect the past to the present, allowing people to remember and respect those who died, fought, participated in, or were affected by violence.

The National War Memorial symbolizes a nation's gratitude to its armed forces. The Memorial instils in our citizens a sense of kinship, high moral values, sacrifice, and national pride.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who design the National War Memorial?

A1. Shri Yogesh Chandrasan design the National War Memorial.

Q2. Who inaugurated the national War Memorial?

A2. Prime Minister Narender Modi did inauguration of National War Memorial.

Q3. Can anyone visit National War Memorial?

A3. Yes, every caste, creed including foreigner can visit the National War Memorial according to the time. It’s free of cost for each and every person.

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