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New Delhi

Jantar Mantar: Beautiful Astronomical Marvel:

In this blog we will show you the most popular astronomical marvels of Delhi - Jantar Mantar. Located at Sansad Marg near Connaught place, Jantar Mantar attracts many tourists as it shows India scientific heritage. 

Key Highlights: 

  •  Jantar Mantar has 13 astronomical instruments that have been built to analyze the position of stars and its observance timings.
  • Some of the  main attractions of Jantar Mantar are  Misra Yantra, Samrat Yantra and Jayaprakash Yantra which are very important for carrying out observations of the celestial bodies.

A Comprehensive Guide to explore Jantar Mantar in Delhi:

Visit this well-known Delhi tourist destination known as Jantar Mantar where you can observe 18th century astronomy at work. This observatory has 13 elegant instruments which include the Misra Yantra, Jayaprakash Yantra, and the Samrat Yantra, which are accurately created to observe astronomical phenomena. Find the synergy of science and history, learn about the wonder of the universe in this architectural marvel.

Jantar Mantar Tourist Information  Details 
Jantar Mantar Location  Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Jantar Mantar Entry Fees 
  • INR 25 per person for Indians
  • INR  300 per person for Foreign Tourists
  • INR  25 per person for SAARC Visitors
  • INR  25 per person for BIMSTEC Visitors
Jantar Mantar Opening Hours 9:00 am to 6:00pm (Monday to Sunday)
Best Time to Visit Jantar Mantar  October to March for pleasant sightseeing as these months are cooler in Delhi.
Visiting Duration of Jantar Mantar  2-3 hours for sightseeing 
Popular attraction of Jantar Mantar  Misra Yantra, Samrat Yantra, and Jayaprakash Yantra
Jantar Mantar Nearest Metro station  Rajiv Chowk Metro station(Blue and Yellow Line and Janpath Metro Station (Violet Line). 
Jantar Mantar Photography Charges  Still Photography- Free, For Videography 25 INR
How to Reach Jantar Mantar  There is no dearth of private cabs and taxis to reach Jantar Mantar in Delhi. You can hire Ola and Uber to reach Here. Moreover, the metro is the best option to reach Jantar Mantar through Rajiv Chowk Metro station and Janpath Metro Station.  
Nearby Attractions from Jantar Mantar 

Janpath Market, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Sansad Bhawan, Hanuman Mandir, India Gate, Feroz shah Kotla Fort, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan.  

Did You Know?

  •  India alone has got five different Jantar Mantars located at Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi, Mathura and Jaipur. Out of them, Delhi's Jantar Mantar is just a splendid creation in astronomy. Jaipur is the most extensive and well-preserved one, which attracts tourists with its impressive devices.
  •  Earlier known as Yantra Mantra – ‘Instruments and Formulas’, the monument of Jantar Mantar, Delhi was constructed on a plain open land without trees since shade could influence the pointers of some Instruments which reflects the precision of Indians in the field of Astronomy and Architecture .

What to See at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar (Instruments):

The instruments functioning in Jantar Mantar, in addition to the calibrated tables and charts, provide profound knowledge of celestial bodies; the monument is thus a historical-science edifice in New Delhi. The instruments that one should not miss at Jantar Mantar are -

Jantar Mantar Instruments  Details
Samrat Yantra: Found within the park area, this particular sundial stands out as the largest among all the sundial instruments. It precisely calculates solar time and the declination of the Sun.
Rama Yantra: Said to have been named after Raja Ram Singh, the grandfather of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, it is the only instrument of its kind in Delhi and Jaipur, measuring the azimuth and altitude angles of celestial bodies.
Shasthamasa Yantra: It is available only in Delhi and Jaipur and measures declination, zenith distance, and solar diameter.
Jaya Prakash Yantra: It is shaped in two curved halves and is used to measure local time and positions of stars and constellations.
Misra Yantra: Exclusive to Delhi, it consists of five instruments including Dakshinottara Bhitti Yantra and splits into two halves of Samrat Yantra, which reminds of the high achievements of the ancient Indian astronomers and their ability to predict celestial events successfully.

Visiting Hours and Entry Fees at Jantar Mantar:

Jantar Mantar is open to the public from morning till evening from Monday through Sundays that is from 9 AM to 6 PM. While people of India can get entry for INR 25 per head, the foreign tourist has to pay INR 300 per head. Tourists from SAARC and BIMSTEC countries are also allowed entry at the cost of 25 rupees per head.

Where is Jantar Mantar? How to Get There?

Jantar Mantar is centrally located in  Sansad Marg, Connaught Place,New Delhi.

  • The best way to reach Jantar Mantar is by using a rickshaw which can be hired easily from any part of Delhi as they are easily available there. Otherwise, if you have an Indian SIM card, you will be able to book them using the Uber or Ola applications to prevent being overcharged.
  • For those who prefer to use public transport, the park could be reached on foot from Connaught Place which is only a 6 minute walk. Some of the convenient metro stations include Ravi Chowk on Blue and Yellow lines and Janpath on Violet Line.


In the whirl of New Delhi, a collection of precise geometrical devices based in the Jantar Mantar captures the interest of any viewer. Standing tall right amidst the twenty-first-century towering buildings, these marvelous architectures create an interesting stark contrast, leaving many to wonder about their historical and scientific value. A walk through the area of Jantar Mantar is not just a walk, but a walk through time and knowledge to see what some of the most genius astronomers of India in the ancient period delivered. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Delhi for sightseeing. 


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is Jantar Mantar?

A1. Jantar Mantar is an open air astronomical prediction outlet erected in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur. It includes several instruments used in astronomical observations regarding measurements of time, eclipses, tracking of stars, and other related activities.

Q2. What is the location of Jantar Mantar?

A2. The Jantar Mantar is strategically positioned in the middle of the New Delhi region, which is the capital of India. It is well situated near Connaught Place and one can easily get there by the use of the metro system and rickshaws.

Q3. Which are some of the prominent attractions at Jantar Mantar?

A3. Jantar Mantar houses some of the major instruments such as the Samrat Yantra (the giant sundial), Ram Yantra (involves the measurement of celestial altitude), and Misra Yantra (a combination of a number of instruments used for calculations in astronomy).

Q4. What other attractions can tourists get to see near Jantar Mantar?

A4. There are various nearby destinations such as Connaught place for food and shopping, India Gate for heritage importance , and there are different museums, galleries for Indian art and craftsmanship.

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