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Banswara district was founded by Maharawal Jagmat Singh.  Taken literally, the name Banswara refers to the ‘bamboo country’. This is because of the presence of bamboo (bans) forests in the area in those days. The name is also attributed to another source, namely Bansna, a chieftain of the Bhil tribe. Yes, this is the home of the Bhils. The district has another name too, which is the City of Hundred Islands. This is because numerous islands lie on the river Mahi, which flows through the city. It also forms a border for the district.

Lying to the southeast of Rajasthan State, Banswara has many sightseeing spots on offer. One of them is the outcome of the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project. When you visit this place, you are treated to a vista of dams, canals and islands, all at the same time. Apart from the dam, you should try not to miss visiting the many temples dotting the place. You may begin with the Tripura Sundari temple, wherein sits a splendid idol of Goddess Turtia Maata. Carved from shining black stone, the Goddess rests comfortably on the back of a tiger, with her 18 hands spread out in symbolic gestures.

If you are keen on garnering some knowledge about archaeology, you should be rushing to Arthuna town. All the ruins go back to the 11th and 12th centuries, providing you with a lot of knowledge about the architecture and beliefs of those times. People seemed to have been devout worshippers of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh, as evinced by the idols found there.

Take some time out to view the interiors of some churches, absorb the serenity of two nearby lakes and inhale the atmosphere of Ancient Times. You will return with pleasant memories and photographs of your trip to Banswara.

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