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There is a common belief that one has to undergo several trials and tribulations before coming face-to-face with God. Well, you will believe it too, when you sign up to undertake a tour of Badrinath, located in Uttaranchal. The trip is a combination of glorious vistas and arduous trekking. Regardless of any kind of aches and pains, however, you will be doing yourself a marvellous favour, for you will have completed one part of your chota char dham yatra!

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple dates back to the Vedic Ages. It is an architectural marvel, which is placed on the banks of the Alaknanda River. What captures your attention as soon as you enter the inner sanctum is the sculpture of God in a unique form. It is Badrinarayan in sheer black. Legend states that the name came into being when Lord Vishnu’s consort assumed the form of a Badri tree in order to shelter her husband from harsh weather. He was doing penance at that time.

Once you finish paying your respects to the Lord, you might like to bask in the sheer wonders of Mother Nature. The sight of water cascading down from a height of 400 feet is definitely not to be missed. Do visit Vasudhara Falls, just a few kilometres distant from the temple. Since you have come so far, do not leave without saying “hi” to Neelkanth, a major peak of the Himalayan Ranges. It towers majestically over the valley of the Alaknanda River. The surroundings of Neelkanth are no less charming in nature, with icy glaciers staring back at you!

Badrinath Dham offers wonderful serenity to the mind and soul, since it is so far away from the chaos of city life. Grab the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself with the aid of spiritual sights and sounds. 


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