Mysore Zoo, Mysore

 Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, popularly known as ‘Mysore Zoo’, is one of the oldest zoos of the country, originally created in 1892 on 10 acres of the summer palace of Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeya, over the next 10 years the zoo was expanded to 45 acres. The zoo was opened to the public in 1902, and now includes a bandstand and an artificial lake. It was given to the Department of Parks and Gardens of the Mysore State Government in 1948. The zoo was expanded first with another 50 acres, and then another 150 acres with the acquisition of the Karanji Tank (Karanji reservoir), in which an artificial island has been created as a sanctuary for birds. At present there are 1450 individuals belonging to 170 different species. The large number of animals is exotics like Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Zebra, Giraffe, African Rhinos, Tapir, Marmoset, Lemur, Baboon, Emu, and Cassowary etc. Even among the native fauna, there is a great diversity comprising Felids, Candies, Bovines, Deer, Antelopes, Primates, Reptiles, Birds, etc.  All these beautiful and majestic animals can be seen in open natural enclosures. Some of the rare and exotic species like Polar Bear, Secretary Bird, California Sea Lions, and American Bison have been reared successfully in the past.

A visit to Mysore zoo is quite rewarding.

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