Kasauli Club, Kasauli, Kasauli

 A club in Kasauli surrounded by thick pine trees.The Kasauli Club (Ltd.) was established here in 1880 and has a reputation that extends beyond this little town. Later in January 1898, the Club was registered at Office of the Registrar, Lahore. 

Residential quarters were soon added to the Club. During the season, only men were allowed accommodation, while the ladies too were allowed to reside in winters, if vacancies occurred. However, the presence of ladies in other than selected rooms of the Club, was then frowned upon, the worst tragedy in the history of the club was in 2001, when it was burnt down to ashes. 
The losses were huge, as the club had barely been renovated only a few years back. Along with were lost the elegant, old-world furniture, precious books & paintings, and, above all the charming British touch. The enthusiastic members, however, got together and sat down to work out its reconstruction. And as a result of their love & dedication now stands boldly a new club building which is very close in spirit to the old colonial structure, while the red letter box at the entrance is a relic of the past. 
The Club had three lively cozy bars, a comfortable lounge, a well-stocked library (housing many priceless and rare books), a ballroom, a busy card room, a billiards room and an exclusive dining room. This Club in Kasauli, was meant only for the 
English besides a few highly placed Indians. Even the servants with the members were not allowed inside. Parties were held at the Kasauli Club occasionally and dances usually took place twice a week. The British officials used to visit the place with their wives to dance and dine especially on Saturday nights. 
At present, about 400 men from the bureaucracy and the armed forces are its members. The Station Commander, Kasauli is the chairman of the Club and this custom has been there since the past few decades. This age old Club evokes memories of the forgotten days of grandeur. The Club hosts the ‘Kasauli Night’, an event which is a splendid affair, held in the last week of June every year. The ‘Kasauli Queen’ contest, a part of the Night draws the maximum crowd. It brings a whiff of fresh air 
into the Club’s otherwise routine happenings. It is a feast of music, dance and gaiety. It is one of the most popular events in Kasauli, most important event for the Club, with members coming from far and wide.

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