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Shukh Mahal Bundi Kota Rajasthan, Kota

Shukh Mahal Bundi Kota Rajasthan, Kota

Shukh Mahal,Bundi, Kota, Rajasthan built by Maharao Umaid SIngh in 1773, this magnificent summer palace on the jait sagar lake with lush garden & surroundings of a aravali mountain range, stands 304 meters above the city and 595 meter above the sea level. It was used as summer palace by the Maharaja Bundi state. the famous british writer rudyard kipling stayed here in 1892 and got inspiration for his book "Kim" during hist stay at Shukh Mahala in Bundi.

During the 17th and 18 centuries, the banks of the Sukh Mahal (Jait Sagar) lake were the hot spot for Princes and their entourage to descend upon for days and nights of revelry. Sukh Mahal is not only stunning but airy too. The palace houses a finely manicured garden which was the perfect place for the members of the royal family to enjoy the summer evenings.The Sukhmahal has been restored to its old world charm and will be an experience of a lifetime, It is a fabulous example of the traditional Rajput style of architecture. Sukhmahal overlooking the lake are open to guests recreating the same aura which has been in which Royalties of Bundi lived.

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