Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Dalhousie

Masroor Rock Cut Temple is known for its monolithic temples.There are 15 monolithic rock cut temples around in the indo-aryan style, richly carved.The temples,partly ruined now are well decorated with rich sculptural ornamentation concieved in the same Temple as the great temple of Kailash in ellora, Maharashtra. The main Shrine Manufacturing  three stone Images of Lord Ram, his brother Lakshman and Wife Sita. This place is about 47 kms from dharamshala.It Said that is the temple was built by an ardent Lord Shiva devotee, Raja Yashoverdhan. The presence of the figure of Lord Shiva in the doorway also gives a strong indication that the temple was dedicated to Mahadeva. This historical temple is partially in ruins because of a massive earthquake hills area in 1905.

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