Amar Mahal Palace Museum Jammu, Jammu

The museum is famous building situated of the major part of the Amar Mahal. This monument Built in a majestic style,the architecture of the Amar Mahal taken by French touch. The Amar Mahal Museum is a various storehouse of historical documents. Amar Mahal has rich collection of exhibits, including sculptures, paintings, inscriptions, books, etc. The Durbar Hall exhibits the paintings and artworks of the Dogra rulers time. The Golden Throne, the major attraction of the museum, is a symbol of great historic significance and cultural.Once the residential palace of Raja Amar Singh, the palace has now been converted into a museum and Historical Building. The museum has situated luxury room housing a magnificent golden throne, along with a 120 kg pure gold sofa, embedded with golden lions. Other attractions of the Amar mahal museum include a gallery displaying paintings known as Nal Damyanti along with other Pahari paintings and family portraits of rulers of Jammu and Kashmir.   

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