Dilli Haat Markets Delhi , Delhi

Dilli Haat is not just a marketplace; in fact it is much more than just a place where you go to buy traditional handicrafts. Dilli Haat offers visitors an ambience of a traditional rural haat or village market, which has been created keeping in mind the needs of a contemporary customer. Perceived as a centrepiece of traditional Indian culture – an environment where village life and folk art are brought closer to the city dwellers – Dilli Haat takes you to the exquisite world of Indian art and heritage thus offering you a unique and an unforgettable experience. Dilli haat has exhibits of special handicrafts from all over India, which is rotated every 15 days. The craftsmen who wish to have a stall undergo procedures of booking a stall by registering with Development Commissioner for Handicrafts (or D.C. Handicraft) which then needs to be sanctioned. This ensures that the best handicrafts are at display. The D.C. Handicraft sees to it that unique crafts from various parts of India will be exhibited at Dilli Haat. In addition, the craftsmen do not have to pay hefty rents for the stall, as they are charged just Rs.100 for the 15 days, but they have to maintain high standard for their products. The craftsman usually sells the products at a reasonable price to the customers.

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