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Bhangarh Fort Sariska, Sariska

Bhangarh Fort Sariska, Sariska

People believe that the fort and the town of Bhangarh are haunted since many centuries. According to legends, Bhangarh Fort was cursed by an ascetic, Baba Balanath, when Ajab Singh violated the agreement that was previously made between his grandfather Madho Singh and the saint. People believe that it was for this reason that the fort was abandoned soon after its construction, and the town was deserted, as it became haunted.
Excavations by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have given enough evidence of the fact that the town is a pre historic site. The ASI has strictly prohibited tourists from entering the area both before sunrise and after sunset as there is a fear that the peculiar atmosphere of Bhangarh can cause a strange restlessness among the people visiting this place.

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