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Trinetra Ganesh Temple Ranthambore, Ranthambore

Trinetra Ganesh Temple Ranthambore, Ranthambore

Pratham Ganesha means Trinetra Ganesha of Ranthambhore. Hindus across the world worship lord Ganesha first before any auspicious ceremony or new venture. It is believed from the ancient times that Trinetra Ganesha Of Ranthambhore is the Pratham Ganesha. Lord Ganesh is God of Good Fortune , Education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth located in Ranthambhore fort, about 12 KMs from Sawai Madhopur ,Rajasthan.
Shree Ganesha drives away all sorrows, difficulties, and miseries. Shree Ganesha is the enemy of all obstacles. Shree Ganesha is the destroyer of obstacles. Shree Ganesha confers happiness and peace (on his devotees). Shree Ganesha is the master of all these powers (intellect (buddhi) and fulfillment (siddhi, self-realization). When there is purity of mind, you achieve peace (which is siddhi). Shree Ganesha is thus the Lord of the intellect and self-realization. Hence, every human being should acquire control over the mind .Shree Ganesha is the Lord of all learning (vidya).

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