Fateh Prakash Palace Chittorgarh, Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh stands out as an acute representation of the embodiment of nationalism, courage, chivalry and sacrifice. Fateh Prakash Palace, located near Rana Kumbha Palace, was built by Rana Fateh Singh (1884-1930). The precincts have modern houses and a small museum. A school for local children (about 5000 villagers live within the fort) is also nearby. A big portion of the palace is made into a museum way back in 1960's. Artefacts utilized by the then kings are put to display. The spectacle of the Royal Art Gallery showcasing the wood crafts of Bassi village, post medieval statues of Jain Ambica and Indra from Rashmi village, weapons like axes, knives, ancient shields, daggars, farsa; clay replicas of regional tribal people clad in their traditional costumes; attracts the visitors and tourists. The museum is subdivided into different sections dedicated to different antiquities. A big Ganesha idol, various frescos and a large fountain can be seen here. The palace is known for its modern architectural style. The inclination towards art and culture, tradition and past glory is entrenched in every pillar and corridor. Presently it has a large collection of paintings too, disclosing the historical facts attached to the fort.

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