About Meera Temple, Chittorgarh, Chittorgarh

 This is the temple where meera bai regularly worshiped his god Girdhar Gopal (Lord Krishna). Whole campus is surrounded by high walls with hard stones. By entering in main gate of temple campus , we can see  God Garud’s statue in black colour just in front of kumbh shyam temple. From main gate of temple campus , we can reach at meera bai temple by following south west direction. Meera bai temple have very attractive statue of lord krishna who was god of meera bai. And meera bai statue is made just near the main statue in right side.

From her childhood meera was very religious and she started worshiping lord krishna and after some time she got feelings that lord krishna will be her husband only. And this way she became sure that she is made for lord krishna only. She was such devoteed in lord krishna that in folk stories Meera is compared with Radha.
Later on meera was married to Raja Bhoj , son of maharana sanga in chittorgarh. But raja bhoj died soon. Meera continued her devotion for lord krishna. Maharana sanga made this temple for meera so that she can prey to god. Most of time meera used to stay in the temple with other devotees and prey to god by singing Bhajans and dancing in front of god.

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