Kumbeswarar Temple

Tour To Kumbeswara Temple - Some of the most wonderful specimens of sculpture and architecture of the period can be found in the Kumbeswara Temple. The gopuram shoots up to a height of nearly 128 feet and is adorned with elaborately carved sculptures. The Navarathri Mandapam is a marvel in itself.

Twenty seven stars and twelve zodiacs are carved with amazing finesses on a single stone block. Temples in South India and the image of Lord Subhramanya is a unique one with six heads and six hands, each holding a weapon.

Don't miss the wonderful collection of sixteen palanquins used to carry the deities on special occasions.

Temples in South India - Historical evidence suggests that Kumbeswara Temple was constructed by a Chola king which might have undergone refurbishment during the reign of the Nayak kings. The antiquity of the temple is testified by images like “Sri Ambal”, “Sri Durgaiamman” and “Sri Kirathamoorthi.”

The Mahamaham Festival is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in Kumbeswara Temple which attracts lakhs of devotees from all corners of the world. What makes the festival more significant is the fact that it is celebrated once in twelve years.

Tour To Kumbeswara Temple and it is the popular belief that during this auspicious occasion the tank is full with water from the Ganges and eight other holy rivers and all the deities seem to bear witness to this event.

Every year during the months of April and May, the image of Lord Kumbeswara is brought out of the temple and taken out in a procession.

The great Mahamaham festival celebrated in honour of Lord attracts lakhs of people from far and wide and it takes place once in 12 years. It is celebrated on the conjunction of the moon with the Mahanakshatra and Jupiter crosses one Rasi or sign in about one year.

It comes to Simha Rasi or Leo every 13th year and it is considered specially sacred. It is believed that on this auspicious day the tank receives supplies of water from the Ganges and eight other holy rivers and all the deities are said to remain present here on that occasion.

The Lord has a number of festivals round the year. Every year in the month of 'Maasi' (February-March) a festival is conducted and the image of Lord Kumbeswara is taken out in a procession. It is celebrated for 10 days during that period.

Others include, Theppam festival during Panguni (March - April), Sapthathanam during Chitirai month (April - May). During this festival Lord's idol will be carried in a palanquin to the nearby villages. Marriage festival for Lord Adikumbeswara and Goddess Mangalambigai is conducted in the month of 'Vaikasi' (May - June). Daily pujas are conducted six times from morning to evening

This festival is celebrated for ten days at a stretch. Other festivals include, Theppam festival during March – April, Sapthathanam during April – May. Besides these there is the daily worship conducted six times a day.

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