Some stations in India

Where you will forget restaurant food after eating food

Poha of  Ratlam Station

If you are going somewhere from this station, do not forget to take the poha here with tea.

Chole Bhature of Jalandhar station

The Chole Bhature here is very tasty.It is said that there is something in its taste which can never be forgotten.

Nagpur Junction

 Fresh orange juice and orange burfi at this station.

Different types of foods are available at every railway station in India, whose taste also has its own fun. In such a situation, let us tell you about some such railway stations of India, where the food is excellent.

Pakode of  Ernakulam R Station 

You must eat the pakoras here once.Pakoras made of raw banana, lentils and flour.

Dum Aloo of Khadgur R.Station

As soon as you reach this station, the fragrance of Dum Aloo will reach you. Its taste is never going to be forgotten

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India is a land of diverse culinary traditions, and there are several railway stations across the country where you can find incredibly delicious and authentic local food. These stations are famous for their mouthwatering dishes, and many travelers swear that the food served here is unparalleled. Here are a few railway stations in India known for their delectable food.

Madgaon Junction (Goa)

Seafood dishes like Goan fish curry, prawn balchão, and squid masala.

Amritsar Junction (Punjab)

At the railway station, you can indulge in Amritsari kulchas, chole bhature, lassi, and various other Punjabi delicacies.

These stations were well-regarded for their delicious food. Be sure to try the local specialties whenever you travel, and enjoy the rich flavors of Indian cuisine.

Kadhi Kachori of Ajmer

The way of making Kachori here is totally different. Kachoris are cut and put in a crispy form and then hot curd curry is poured over it.

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