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Posted On October 10th, 2021

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It is fun to travel. We are sure you have your travel plans ready. Traveling is savvy. But what we all do not want is two face troubles during travel. We do not want to miss on our luggage or buses or airplane or trains. Since no one in the office wants to land in any trouble, we list out some ways that can help you beware of pickpockets: 

Have your secret pocket ready: 

How about having a pocket in a secret place inside your pant! That sounds great. You can also build that secret pocket inside your underwear. That may not sound good but it is definitely is safer. Another option is carrying a money belt that can be tucked underneath your clothes. You can keep your essentials on the money there securely and thoughtlessly just the way you do it with your underwear. 

 • Stay in physical contact with your bags: 

When you are on your way to travel by public transport, you give an invite to people ready for the theft. This is big cause there is less the distance between 2 people on public transport. Hence, you need to be more careful and keep physical contact with your bags and other belongings. This makes you assured about your things and decreases the chances of theft. 

 • And yes, you do not need to show off your valuables!

Always leave your valuables in your hotel room. Expensive items such as your laptop are a lot safer in your room which is locked. You can always go home and check your laptop. Hotels also have saved, and other safe places to keep your expensive belongings. Some travelers also prefer to leave their passports in the room while they enjoy their time out. We do not deny that that’s from hotel rooms do not happen but what we know is that they are extremely rare. Mostly, the staff cannot enter your room without you having their mentor once you’ve booked the room. You can always leave your camera on in your hotel room. 

 • Be extra careful when you are out in a crowded place:

Crowded places are the playground for thieves. Thieves will create a fight or a messy spill or a stumble to distract you. In these times you need to be careful about your belongings. Keep your belongings close to your body and come away from that particularly crowded place. Even if you want to lend help to somebody do it in a mindful way by keeping the area’s Police in between.

• Be vigilant and do not lose your belongings:

Let us be true to ourselves. More than times somebody has stolen our things, we have forgotten them or lost them. We’ve lost our passports so many times, we’ve forgotten our things under pillows, and bags on the racks of the bus. We leave our phones in the taxi and get out and hurry. So, here’s a trick. Before leaving any place maintain a checklist and check each corner. Before leaving your hotel room conduct an extensive overall search which includes a search under the bed, under the pillow, in the bathroom, in a wall socket. Always check twice before leaving out of a taxi, bus, or any other public transport. 

 • Honest finders need to know your contact details to return your belongings:

There may be an accident happening and you might have left something behind despite being the most cautious traveller ever. So, to maximize your chances of getting your things back, always have a tiny note mentioning your email address and yours and your partner’s phone numbers to make it easier for the helping hand to return it. You can stick these notes on your passport, on your phone, in your bags, and on any other belongings.

 • Unfortunately, if you’ve lost, keep a list: 

In case you’ve lost a certain thing what if that thing has been stolen, do not panic. Do not ruin your day by it. Report to the nearby police station. Keep a track of things that have gone and wear your guard to not let anybody further steal anything. Always remember your life is much more precious than any of the monetary items. Your mental peace is much more desired than any monetary pleasure in this world. 

 • Always have a secret bag and secret pockets in your bags:

Having a secret bag can help you store your documents properly. Having secret pockets in your bags can help you store money at different places. In such a case, even if you lose one bag, you always have other places to make money from. Also, make sure you have a digital folder for storing documents that come to use on losing physical copies.

 Get, set, and get going. Be ready to explore and enjoy it!     

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