Travel tips for Char Dham Yatra

Char DhamChar Dham or the four holy abodes of the Hindus include Rameswaram, Jagannath Puri, Dwarka and Badrinath. The Char Dham yatra is considered highly sacred and every Hindu wants to visit the Char Dhams at least once in his lifetime. According to saint Adi Shankaracharya, this yatra consists of one Shaivite and two Vaishnavite pilgrimages. According to the Hindu scriptures, moksha or salvation can be attained by going on this pilgrimage.

All these four dhams are located in pristine surroundings, facilitating the pilgrims to enjoy natural serenity along with spiritual adventure. The best way to enjoy maximum pleasure out of this yatra is by opting for Char Dham Yatra package. Japji Travels is one of the best known organizers of this yatra. However, whenever you plan a trip there are certain travel tips which must be followed:-

  1. Pack heavy woolens- Since a few locations in the char dham yatra are located at high altitudes, heavy woolens, blankets, water resistant footwear and raincoats are a must.
  2. Keep all your essential medicines- Being a complicated and hectic tour involving a lot of trekking, the physical strength of the travelers is challenged. Thus when you pack your bags, do not forget to keep a medical kit that includes painkillers, cold fever medicines, bandages and anti biotics, etc.
  3. Eat healthy- By now you must be aware that maintaining health is very important during this trip so you must try to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. At the same time avoid overeating.

Japji Travels is the best tour operator in India who provides comfortable and affordable Char Dham Yatra packages to the travelers. Contact them via telephone or email to get the best prices.

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