Current Situation of Corona Virus in Delhi

The Current Situation of Corona Virus in Delhi

Corona Virus, a War-Like Situation
Coronavirus is a newly discovered infectious disease that has never encountered before, has indulged almost all the countries of the world. The disease was first recorded in the city of Wuhan in mainland China. It has transferred from animals to humans and has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since the disease is spreading like a fire and getting worse day by day, many countries have imposed a ban on all kinds of travel and lockdown conditions to bring a halt to this deadly disease. The best method to escape the hardest hit of the disease is to stay at home and be safe.

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Delhi being the capital city of the country Scrambles to deal with the corona virus pandemic and ramps up preventive measures for the visitors who have been flying from all over the globe to undergo the thermal screening. Delhi administration is taking additional steps to ensure the safety of those passengers by isolating them and sending for quarantines.

A Laxman Rekha on Your Doorstep

After the Prime Minister’s address to the nation to lockdown for 21 days, Delhi Chief Minister also announced and urged people to postpone weddings or any other social gathering. The operation of theatres and weekly bazaars has been suspended.

The national capital has reported 31 cases of COVID-19, out which 23 are foreigners, 12 have recovered and 1 death so far. Delhi Chief Minister said that no new case has been reported in the last 40 hours. This should not be the reason to be happy right now as we have to go a long way fighting the virus. The number can spike up anytime and we need to remain alert.

Measure to Breakdown the Covid-19 Infection Cycle

Most of the streets wore a deserted look with only the medicine shops and the essential goods shops open. Taxi, buses not in operation due to corona virus are playing their roles to maintain social distancing in the city.

The Delhi government has come up with a team of doctors and medical professionals who will keep updating the chief minister with the situation of coronavirus affected patients. There will be no dearth of essential items, assured the administration. Various state governments and centres will work in close coordination to ensure the supply of essentials.

The Parliament House also wore a deserted look as all the members seem not to violate the Prime Ministers’ advice. Two major taxi companies Uber and Ola suspend their services temporarily to respect the lockdown. Whereas, some of the localities in areas such as Paschim Vihar, Janakpuri, PeeragadhiNangloi, Mundka, and Tilaknagar were seen violating the norms of lockdown. Tempos and rickshaws were seen plying on the roads without any fear. The common and illiterate people fail to understand the purpose to avoid public deals.

However, the drastic measures to curtail the spread of Coronavirus have resulted in improving the quality of air. With almost no industrial units working and no smoke emitted from the vehicles have helped in settling down the air pollution problem to a high extent.

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