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 The Land of Maharaja's, Rajasthan

Rajasthan - "Rajao Ka Sthaan” which means “Place of Royal Rulers”.

The Land of Royal Rulers, Rajasthan was once ruled by Rajputs and many other clans who were dedicated to their motherland and people. Their elevated fort walls were made to protect their empire from invasions. With intricate carvings on their walls, chambers, and fountains, you will discover a mesmerizing view. 

Today Rajasthan presents Rajasthani folk dances culturally and artistically in its own approach.

The History of Rajasthani Culture

The culture of Rajasthan is so rich and unique on its own. Anyone who once visit this state want to come again and again. The people, history, culture, arts, and food develop a curiosity in the mind of tourists. 

People of Rajasthan are very popular for their enriched culture and traditions.  Rajasthan's Cultural heritage is hugely influenced by some key features like its attractive folk music, majestic forts, mouth watering cuisines and multihued festivals and fairs.  The vibrant culture of this desert land gives a feeling of royalty which attracts visitors to step in this wonderland.

If you give a close look on the traditions and customs of Rajasthani people then you will get to see they all are linked directly with Vedic rites and rituals. Moving to the traditional costumes of the people of Rajasthan we can blindly say that it is one of the most colorful and lively ones in whole India. The Pagri or turban of the male Rajasthani Costume is a symbol of pride for the people of this state. The traditional costume for men is popular as Angrakha Costume. The outfits for women are equally vibrant, colorful, and graceful and also give a royal feeling to the spectators. The Ghaghara which the females wear are made of layers and in multiple colors and combined with beautiful Dupatta and Blouse. The ornaments which both men and women wear while complementing a royal outfit  will give you the view as if you landed in the historic period of the Maharaja and Maharanis of Rajasthan.

Most Interesting Facts About Rajasthan

You should know some fascinating things about Rajasthan and its culture. Get educated about some any possibilities and they things you can try while exploring Rajasthani culture:

  1. There are many cities located in Rajasthan which are recognized for their colours. Jaipur is Pink City while Jodhpur is Blue. Likewise, Udaipur is painted in White just like Jhalawar is in Purple. 
  2. The colours of the sky change like the mood in Rajasthan. And the gradient sunset is the perfect sight to see.
  3. Famous for being a hot place, it has one cold location known as Mount Abu - the one and only Hill Station of Rajasthan.
  4. There is a palace in the middle of the lake. Jal Mahal has an unique garden, which is located on it.s roof. 
  5. Let me tell you about a mysterious place here - Kuldhara in Jaisalmer District of Rajasthan. This town was abandoned in just one night with all natives.
  6. There is only one temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the whole of India. And guess what? It is situated in Pushkar of Rajasthan.
  7. Kumbhal Fort, which is located in Aravalli Range of Rajasthan, is the world's second largest wall known after the Great Wall of China. 
  8. The forts and palaces in Rajasthan are considered best places for big fat Indian weddings, Honeymoon, and exploration.
  9. Rajasthan is not just limited to the meaning “Place of Royal Rulers” but also as “King of Spices”. Because a maximum number of species are made here. So visit Clock Tower Market (Jodhpur) while moving forward to Tea and Spice Market located in Udaipur.
  10. We all know about Kathputli Dance, where the puppets are made out of clothes to make them like humans, then attaching the strings to their parts to control them. Then the narrator tells a story while controlling the puppets, in which they talk and dance about love stories, criticism, satire and more.
  11. You will find Rajasthani women fully covered in beautiful jewelleries adorning it with love to show their culture and uniqueness with colorful Ghagra and Choli.
  12. Eat one of the most delicious sweets of Rajasthan - Ghewar, a disc shaped sweet which is made with flour, cow ghee, saffron, dry fruits, and khoya. It is dipped in sweet syrup to give you that juicy flavor.

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