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According to the Ramayana, the ancient city of Ayodhya was founded by Manu, the law-giver of the Hindus. For centuries it was the capital of the decendants of the Surya Vansh. In the ancient times, Ayodhya was known as Kaushaldesha. The Atharvaveda described it as a city built by gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself. The ruling dynasty of this region was the lkshvakus of the Surya Vansh. According to tradition lkshvaku was the eldest son of Vaivasvata Manu, who established himself at Ayodhya. The earth is said to have derived its name ‘Prithvi’ from Prithu, the 6th king of the line. A few generations later came Mandhatri, in whose line the 31st king was Harishchandra, known widely for his love for truth.

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